Da Da Da (Vinyl)


Nits album dA dA dA can be linked to heavy subjects as death, war, and getting older. The record itself is a really poppy one and it was the comeback of their rhythm guitar and synthesizers. Another big inspiration was their trip to Estonia and Canada.

Available on vinyl for the first time

  • Expanded edition, featuring 5 bonus tracks: “Do Do”, “If Two People”, “Kuu Kuu”, “True” & “The Hour of Love and Pain”
  • Limited 25th Anniversary edition of 500 individually numbered copies on transparent vinyl

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Tracklist Plaat 1

  • 1 Da Da Da
  • Dreams
  • What We Did On Our Holidays
  • Mourir Avant Quinze Ans
  •  Homeless Boy
  •  Whales Of Tadoussac
  • Chameleon Girl
  • Instead Of…
  • Day & The Night

Tracklist Plaat 2

  • 1. Desert Island Song
  • 2. Sorrow
  •  Bilbao Boa
  •  Abandoned Mine
  •  Orange
  • 6.   Do Do
  • 7.  If Two People
  • 8.   Kuu Kuu
  • 9.   The Hour Of Love And Pain
  • 10  True